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After receiving Sak Yant, wait at least three hours to wash the area. Make sure to use only unscented anti-bacterial soap for washing the tattooed area. Scented soaps may cause the area to swell or burn.

Wash the tattoed area 2-3 times per day. General healing depending on the size of the area tattooed may take between 2-6 weeks. After washing the tattoo, apply ointment to help heal and prevent infections. Do not use petroleum-based products. Petroleum-based products do not allow the tattoo to breathe in order properly heal.

During the healing process do not allow the tattoo to become dry. Use a small amount of ointment to cover the tattoo. If the tattoo is shiny in appearance, too much ointment has been used. The tattoo should never feel wet.

After 3-6 days the tattoo will begin "shedding", during this time the scab is formed. Switch from ointment to lotion. Once again use non-scented lotion. Apply the lotion several times a day.


-Maintain a sterile environment for healing.

-Use non-scented products for aftercare.

-Use non-petroleum-based products.

-Keep the tattoo area covered away from sunlight and elemental exposure.

-Keep the tattoo moist with products.


-Don't expose tattoo to direct sunlight during healing.

-Don't scratch or pick scabs during healing.

-Don't submerge in water.

-Don't swim in the ocean or pool during the healing process.

-Don't use petroleum-based products.

-Don't drink alcohol prior to being tattooed.

-Don't rough house after tattoo.

-Don't wear abrasive clothing over the tattoo during the healing process.