White Robe Arjan Ditt was born in Bangkok, he has been learning his wicha more than 16 years. He first began learning from his father and grandmother, who both possessed a special power to help people.


Later in his life his formal teacher, Arjan Suchart “Brumerkru Puyai”, the lineage of Luang Phor Phrasert Boonark.


Previous to LP Pern's rise in fame, he was interviewed by a newspaper about his powerful wicha.


Among Ajarn Ditt’s most powerful wicha is his Metta Mahaniyom, withdrawal of black magic, protection, and luck changing.


He’s attained popularity among devotees from Singapore, Malaysia, HK Macau, Taiwan, China and recently the USA.


Many devotees experienced an increase of luck right after their very first Sak Yant and an increased easement in furthering their career/life. For ladies, they will have charm & success in their love life.


He is also sought for Fortune/palmistry reading, blessing, powerful Sak Yant blessing, famous Gold foil blessing, reborn rituals & holy water flower bath.